Whether you are responsible for organizing break-out workshops for your annual conference, putting together an exciting half-day or full-day training event, or merely filling speaker slots for your monthly meetings, you want something that is inspiring and unforgettable. And when participants take away motivations and skills to apply to their life, work, and health and well being, you’ve hit a home run. But where do you start?

Why not start with a simple, easy, fun-filled Peoplemap Personality Systems event!

Don’t just give them an hour of motivation that is destined to fade in a couple of days when real life takes over. Give them something that will impact their lives personally and professionally.

Motivational presentations stir up excitement at the moment, and stimulate the “want to” in your audience. But unfortunately, within a few days, things are back to normal, they forget, and nothing changes.

What if you offered a presentation that not only gave them the “want to” but also showed them the “how to“… Check out the Peoplemap System of Training and Development


In addition to the Peoplemap System Training options, Pat is available to speak on a number of personal growth topics for keynote presentations, breakouts, seminars and retreats. Because of her rich and varied background, Pat has gained expertise in many areas, both personal and professional. Topics include:


Conflict Resolution

Stress Management

Workplace Wellness


Workplace Bullying/Civility

Team Building