Bully Blind the BookInspired by true stories, Bully Blind brings to life an issue that impacts millions of individuals worldwide – workplacee bullying. Woven throughout are little known facts, thought provoking questions, and unique solutions, for individuals and organzations. An insightful read for anyone touched by this issue.


Something insidious is happening in Smithville, a small rural town built around Smith & Jones, Inc., a multimillion dollar global corporation.  Symptoms are showing up among individuals in local corporations and community organizations. The culture of Smithville is changing, and Nancy Thompson, a local psychotherapist, is determined to find out why.

Nancy and her husband, Joe, have lived in Smithville for over twenty years.  When Joe begins to suffer stress-related symptoms as a result of his boss’s abusive management style, Nancy sees similarities in the lives of a number of her clients.

Concerned, Nancy consults with her friend and Corporate Coach, Lori Cameron. Together the two women set about to identify and resolve the problem.  Their search for answers soon leads to shocking discoveries, and Nancy and Lori race against time, as they attempt to intervene before runaway power and greed destroy their town, and the people they love.

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