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“I Am Thrilled With The Results And Will Not Go Without Vfinity Products Ever!”  Brenda Dearing
“I am Enjoying Better Health, Wealth, and Happiness with Vfinity!”  Rebecca Hall
“I Decided To Change My Lifestyle! I’ve Lost 51 Pounds with V3 Max!” Amber Donovan
“Since I started taking Brain Fuel Plus instead of the ADHD meds I used to take, I eat better, am growing, and do not have the side effects I used to have. I would recommend Brain Fuel Plus to anyone with ADHD and anxiety. It helped me and it can help you.” C.J.Dziesiute
“I used to have a really bad short term memory and couldn’t remember conversations from yesterday or the day before. Since I started taking Brain Fuel Plus, I think a lot clearer and can remember past conversations. I also sleep much better now. This is the best product ever!” Mark Gannon
“I had the opportunity to attend Peoplemap Training with Pat Swan. This was not the first time I have worked with a personality training. I brought 2 of my young employees that seem to have more differences than similarities. The class was engaging, fun and very enlightening. By the end of the class, my 2 employees went from indifference to tolerance and appeared to have more respect for each other. Value of the class, priceless! Thank you Pat Swan”  Mary Beth Berns,  Craig Berns Salon and Spa
I’ve seen two of Pat”s presentations and enjoyed both topics.  She has such a natural way of engaging her audience and bringing their ideas into the discussion.  She gives real-life examples that her audience can relate to.  Pat is knowledgeable about her subjects and her enthusiasm is contagious.” Vicki Johnson, IAAP Madison Chapter
I loved the interaction with others in the group – the comfortable, loose atmosphere was wonderful, lots of fun.”   Pam P.,  Wauwatosa, WI

The workshop was presented in a very clear manner that was very applicable to both work and church. The leader was very enthusiastic and encouraging.”  Elizabeth B., Milwaukee, WI

Thanks, Pat. I loved the fast pace, the creative and fun approach, and the freshness of the material. Fran S.,  Madison, WI

I found the program helpful for my growth personally and professionally. It is very easy to think about throughout the day, and helps me moderate my interaction with customers, colleagues and friends.”  Vicki C., Milwaukee, WI

We, as a team, definitely have a better understanding of how to work better together. I feel very confident our players will be able to apply the information throughout their playing career and their life. ~ Sandy Botham, Head Coach, UW Women’s Basketball, Milwaukee, WI.

“I think learning about my teammates and how they think is really going to help us on the court. This helped me realize a lot about myself, and how I act toward others, and areas I need to work on. The instructor made it easy to talk because she was very outgoing and helpful.” ~ Team Member, UW Women’s Basketball, Milwaukee, WI.

“The group leader really knows how to motivate group communication and keep on task with fun. She was great! Lots of energy and passion.” ~ Team Member. UW Women’s Basketball. Milwaukee, WI.

“This has taught me the personality types of people I work with, so I will definitely be able to relate with them better. Many should attend this seminar so they can communicate better with others.” ~ Sandra W, Janesville, WI.

“Pat was a great speaker. She was easy to understand, informative and energetic. She did an excellent job. This information will be very helpful in evaluating new employees.” ~ Laura C, Janesville, WI.

“This seminar really opened my eyes to the power of personality. Identifying my personality type, strengths and weaknesses will be helpful in all my relationships.” ~Ellie S , Janesville, WI.

“I have participated in a number of similar workshops. This was the first one on people that I felt I fit into a category that I thought was me. I enjoyed it very much.” ~ Janesville Seminar participant, Janesville, WI.

“This workshop helped me learn how to interact with customers and prospects based on their PeoplemapTM type, not just what I am comfortable with. This will definitely enhance my business success. “ ~ Participant, WPCore, Elkhorn, WI