Pat Swan

Hi! Thanks for visiting my website!

I am so excited to be able to combine my background as a clinical social worker, Marriage and Family Therapist, coach and trainer, with companies that have safe, natural and effective wellness products, through which I can truly help adults and children reach their health, wealth and wellness goals.

My exceptional products and services also enable me to help individuals who want to own their life through building successful and lucrative home based businesses. I enjoy connecting with entrepreneurial business owners, and individuals of influence in fitness organizations, children and family health services, acupuncture, and other health and wellness businesses, who want to increase visibility and provide all natural and unique wellness options to clients.

I also enjoy working with groups of all kinds, using the Peoplemap Personality System. Peoplemap Systems Training helps individuals understand themselves and others, which boosts success personally and professionally. Understanding personalities, their strengths and Achilles heels, has been invaluable in my coaching and network marketing business.

Publishing my book “Bully Blind,” a fact-based fiction novel, was both fun and fulfilling. My hope is that reading this book will open eyes of many caught in the throes of workplace bullying, and help them find solutions. It is available on Amazon and at