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The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is learning how to get along with people.

Theodore Roosevelt


The Ultimate Makeover: Transform Body, Mind, and Spirit

Are you trying to lose weight and get healthier, but feeling stuck?  You do not have to settle for stress, extra pounds, unhealthy habits and a shorter life than you would like. Join our Ultimate Makeover Program and transform your life, body, mind, and spirit. Contact Pat for information on her unique, sustainable, holistic weight loss and wellness programs. For product information check out:



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Support healthy memory, reduce stress and anxiety, support focus and mental clarity, promote positive mood, promotes better sleep, and much more.


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Now offering sugar free gummy bears for children and adults.


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Most effective upper body toner on the planet. Use anywhere, any time; carry in purse or pocket. Just a few minutes several times a day gives more benefit than an hour on the treadmill!





More information on the Peoplemap System




Bully Blind the Book

Bully Blind by Pat Swan available at www.buybooksontheweb.com   and www.Amazon.com   Find more information on product page
For more information on bullying in the workforce, visit…
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  If you have an interest in wellness, work well with others, and want to be part of one of the fastest growing, most exciting and fun businesses available, contact Pat for information.  Pat is building an exceptional team and would love to have you onboard.
Mail: Pat@Patswan.com  or call: 262-215-3307

About Pat Swan

Pat Swan
Thanks for visiting my website!

I am so excited to be able to combine my background as a clinical social worker, Marriage and Family Therapist, coach and trainer, with companies that have safe, natural and effective wellness products, through which I can truly help adults and children reach their health, wealth and wellness goals.

Check out my site and offerings and contact me any time for more information. I’d love to chat with you!

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Recent Testimonials

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“I Am Thrilled With The Results And Will Not Go Without Vfinity Products Ever!”  Brenda Dearing
“I Decided To Change My Lifestyle! I’ve Lost 51 Pounds with V3 Max!” Amber Donovan
“Since I started taking Brain Fuel Plus instead of the ADHD meds I used to take, I eat better, am growing, and do not have the side effects I used to have. I would recommend Brain Fuel Plus to anyone with ADHD and anxiety. It helped me and it can help you.” C.J.Dziesiute
“I used to have a really bad short term memory and couldn’t remember conversations from yesterday or the day before. Since I started taking Brain Fuel Plus, I think a lot clearer and can remember past conversations. I also sleep much better now. This is the best product ever!” Mark Gannon
“I had the opportunity to attend Peoplemap Training with Pat Swan. This was not the first time I have worked with a personality training. I brought 2 of my young employees that seem to have more differences than similarities. The class was engaging, fun and very enlightening. By the end of the class, my 2 employees went from indifference to tolerance and appeared to have more respect for each other. Value of the class, priceless! Thank you Pat Swan”  Mary Beth Berns,  Craig Berns Salon and Spa

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